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Spore forming bacteria in food 2009

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The SPORE2009 international scientific symposium was a remarkable success:
it attracted 130 participants from 27 countries. The large participation of the food & diagnosis industries (30% of the participants), the contributions of the leading academic and technical organisations on the developed topics, highlighted the widespread interests related to "Spore forming Bacteria in Food". Indeed, we were at maximum capacity due to the overwhelming response and interest from presenters, speakers, and attendees!

The range of subjects covered by the communication panels included biodiversity and prevalence, systems biology, quantitative risk assessment, new advances in rapid analysis tools, epidemiology, food spoilage, positive microflora, adhesion to equipment surfaces, spore resistance and process optimisation. The conferences produced a variety of perspectives on increasingly critical issues, and new strategies for better control.

Most notably, inspirational keynotes were addresses by

  • CARLIN Frederic (INRA, Fr): Origin of bacterial spores contaminating foods,
  • DE VOS Paul (University of Gent, Be) & STACKEBRANDT E. (DSMZ, De) :
    Recent insights into the phylogeny and systematics of sporeforming Firmicutes,
  • ABEE Tjakko (University of Wageningen, Nl):
    Germination and outgrowth of Bacillus cereus spores: how to cope with wake up calls
    in different environments,
  • AUGUSTIN Jean-Christophe (Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, Fr):
    Predictive microbiology and risk assessment of spore-forming bacteria in food,
  • LINDSTROM Mia (University of Helsinki, Fi):
    Molecular epidemiology of cpe-positive Clostridium perfringens type A strains,
  • PECK Mickeal (Institute of Food Research, UK):
    Clostridium botulinum
    and botulism,
  • CUTTING Simon (Royal Holloway University of London, UK):
    The use of Bacillus sporeformers as probiotics,
  • KOLSTØ Anne-Brit (University of Oslo, No):
    Bacillus cereus
    group: genome plasticity for better adaptation,
  • MAFART Pierre  (University of Bretagne Occidentale,Fr):
    Spore resistance quantification for heat process assessment and optimisation :
    a never-ending story...
  • MEMBRÉ Jeanne-Marie (Unilever Safety and Environmental Assurance centre SEAC, Uk):
    Industrial applications of strategies to control the risk associated with bacterial
    heat-resistant spores,
  • BRUL Stanley (University of Amsterdam, Nl):
    On the origin of heterogeneity in preservation resistance of Bacillus spores;
    advanced from a ‘systems' analysis of bacterial spore occurrence and outgrowth.

Communications have been selected for publication in a Food Microbiology Special Issue, which is available since 2011.

Dr Rebelo-Lima, scientist at the Wageningen University (The Nederland's) was awarded for the poster presentation the "Microbota in cocoa beans industrial processing".

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Despite investments of the food and feed industry to control contaminants in the food chain, the achievement of commercial sterility requirements has been hampered by the presence of unintended heat-resistant spores in food. Sporulated bacteria are involved in food spoilage, but also in toxin-mediated food poisoning, two phenomena that lead to high economic losses. Different evolution trends have been observed over the past two decades highlighting the urge to focus on the (re)emergence of sporeformers in food and discuss whether an adaptation or selection of sporeformers by food processes is occurring.

The SPORE2009 meeting aims at presenting and discussing state of the art research and the very latest scientific developments on the theme of sporeformers in food. SPORE2009 is co-organised by "ADRIA Développement", "LUBEM" and "Technopole Quimper".

We look forward to welcoming you in Quimper in 2009!

Danièle Sohier & Ivan Leguérinel, Co-chairs, SPORE2009

The symposium is being planned as a series of conferences on selected topics, composed of invited and contributed lectures as well as poster presentations.

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