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Spore2009 Attendees

Spore2009 was the first symposium dedicated to sporulated bacteria in the food industry. 130 participants came from 27 countries (such as Australia, Brazil, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Gemany, Greec, Hungary, Japan,...). Among the participants, 30% were industrial compagnies (food industry and diagnostic sector).

Spore2009 Delegates' comment

"Congress of great scientific interest",
from Fromageries BEL

"Congratulations for the marvellous reception :
from the shuttles to the choices of auditorium and social activities.
Thank you for organizing such a good scientific meeting
and your efforts in obtaining good key-speakers"
from Wageningen University

"Comprehensive and wide scientific programme.
The "flash poster" presentations on a selection of poster are excellent.",

from INRA

"In general, a very good initiative. Spore and their related bacteria are very important
and cause specific problems and interest. So the initiative should be repeated!"
from Gent University

"Fantastic food and great catering service!",
Andres R., Campden

"Thank you for the organization and the great congress in general",
from TU Munchen

"I liked this conference slot, not too big, very nice atmosphere, good and applied program...
it was a very well organized conference, everything worked well."
from Valio

"I have met some researchers of different countries ;
with some of them, we've planned a collaboration"
from University of Foggia

"Many useful details (values) and some in-depth ideas (strategies)... very positive",
from Soredab

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